Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DPI Announcements: Procera Improves Congestion Reporting

Procera Networks announced today a new PacketLogic Intelligence Center software version focused on providing visibility into congested situations (links or sites), affected subscribers and the reasons for congestion including applications and devices used.

See "Procera's New PacketLogic Version Delivers Unprecedented Visibility Into Congested Network Behavior" - here and a supporting new blog entry - "Congestion Management and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle" - here.

"Some examples of powerful new reports that can be created are:
  • Congestion reports per site based on Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics, traffic dropped, or delay introduced by traffic shaping and/or prioritization, and minutes of congestion for network links
  • Number of users affected by Congestion Management -- and to what extent their applications are being affected
  • Dynamic consumption reports for subscribers, service plans, locations, applications, and devices
  • Popularity and network impact of specific handsets and devices (like iPad) on broadband bandwidth usage
  • Number of users relative to amount of bandwidth consumed by emerging killer apps 
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