Monday, October 25, 2010

PCRF Deployments (32): Indonesian Provider Deploys Openet's Policy Manager

"Openet announced that a leading Indonesian telecommunications provider has deployed Openet's Policy Manager product .. to enable fair usage and quality of service solutions for wireless broadband data services. .. this operator can ensure profitability from [pre-paid] data services by enforcing limits on subscriber usage volume, while allowing subscribers to purchase additional volume when limits are reached ..  With quality of service controls, the operator is able to govern each subscriber's available bandwidth when using high-volume applications, specifically BitTorrent"

See "Leading Indonesian Telecom Provider Deploys Openet for Policy Management" - here.

It is not clear if the solution actually detects the use of BitTorrent (as this just an example of a high-volume application), but if they do, I'll be happy if someone will comment with the name of the DPI system used ..!

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