Thursday, October 7, 2010

[TeleGeography]: "International Internet traffic grew 62% in 2010"

"Carriers must add enormous amounts of new capacity each year to accommodate such traffic growth", said TeleGeography Research Director Alan Mauldin, following the new data revealed by TeleGeography’s Global Internet Geography study. 

[Or they can use traffic management technologies to reduce the peak demand]

According to the study (see "Global internet traffic growth remains strong in 2010" - here ) international Internet traffic grew 62% in 2010. While down slightly from the 74% growth recorded in 2009, it is well in line with previous years.

In 2010, carriers added 13.2Tbps of new international capacity, up from 9.4Tbps in 2009, and 6Tbps in 2008. 'Thanks to these large increases in new bandwidth, traffic growth has not overwhelmed operators’ networks, and overall network utilisation levels have remained stable,' said Mauldin.

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