Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Israel - Net Neutrality Draft - Short, Simple and Allows "Network Management"

A draft for a wireless Network Neutrality law was presented today in Israel (see a previous post on the special way it is done - "Net Neutrality in Israel: Targeting Voice over Mobile"- here).

The new proposal is available here (Hebrew, page 15).

Compared to the long discussions on this subject, worldwide, the draft is very short, and is explained (by the ministry of finance, the initiator if this draft) in just two paragraphs:  

"A wireless operator will not block or limit the possibility of a subscriber to use any service or application offered on the Internet - for example VoIP, file sharing or video applications - unless it is part of the carrier's "Normal Operation", resulting from: 
  • The terms of the carriers' license
  • Activities defined as such by the Minister of Communications. It is suggested that network management, done in order to allocate the network resources in an efficient and fair way will be considered as "Normal Operation"
  • A subscriber or group of subscribers asked for it
  • Special cases, allowed by the Minister of Communications, including requests from the security forces"
That's all!

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