Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Someone doesn’t like the Ipad Tethering

iPhone Hacks reports that the tethering feature, observed at the beta version of Apple iOS 4.2 for iPad in late September has disappeared in a later version (see "before" and "after" pictures below).

See "iOS 4.2 Beta 3: Apple Removes Tethering Options For iPad; Adds New iPad Wallpapers" - here.

Tethering allows using the device as a modem for a non-mobile device, such as laptops. Some carriers do not allow tethering (see Why Do Mobile Carriers Need Device Awareness? - here) as users may use the special rates, such as unlimited service plans, for devices that are able to consume huge amounts of bandwidth.

Originally, AT&T had an unlimited plan for the iPAD, but it was removed quickly (see "Openet - Why AT&T Changed its IPad Service plans?" - here).

It is easier, of course, to stop tethering if the mobile device does not support it. So who does not like tethering? Will it be available in selected market?

AT&T explains that "Since tethering enables you to use your smartphone as a modem to provide a broadband connection for laptop computers, netbooks, and other computing devices, it’s likely you’ll use a significant amount of bandwidth. The DataPro 2 GB plan [$25/month] will provide the needed bandwidth and help prevent high data usage costs. " (here).
Nevertheless, the carrier offers the "DataPro with Tethering - $45 per month gives you up to 2 GB of domestic data usage on your smartphone or while tethering to your laptop; additional usage is charged at $10 for 1 GB" (here).