Friday, October 29, 2010

Traffic Management Deployments (33): Bouygues [France] Uses Openwave to Manage Smartphone Traffic

Openwave announced that "Bouygues Telecom [3rd largest mobile carrier in France, 10.5M mobile subscribers] .. has expanded its existing Openwave Traffic Management solution .. Bouygues is expected to manage their rapidly growing mobile data traffic with more dynamic control of a diverse range of IP data flows for both operational improvement as well as the delivery of new service offering ..With Openwave’s traffic management solution, Bouygues Telecom is applying IP data policies for Smartphone subscribers; including service, content, volume, and time based policies."

See "Bouygues Telecom Expands 3G Data Traffic Management Capabilities with Openwave" - here.

Openwave’s solution serves as a central control point for Smartphone traffic mediation directly in the data path,” said Jean-Christophe Reversat, Director of Core Network and Services Engineering, Bouygues Telecom. “With Openwave, we are able to apply dynamic application level policy rules through a rich set of data sources, including existing policy and traffic management systems, while effectively managing the overall cost of service delivery. Collaborating with Openwave ensures we are continuously improving the user experience and managing traffic growth for the long-term.”

A bit cryptic quote, isn't it? Actually most of the press release uses terms such as "expected", "will enable", "will potentially allow", "also allows" - from which I can't understand what is the actual or planned use of the Openwave system (which is not fully identified), and whether the "existing policy and traffic management systems" are Openwave's or not.

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