Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Network Intelligence Alliance" Launched by Qosmos

Qosmos, a provider of DPI technology based in Paris, announced today "the launch of the Network Intelligence Alliance, consisting of technology providers involved in traffic capture, processing, decoding, analysis, leveraging of data as it crosses communications networks"

See "Qosmos: Network Intelligence Alliance Unites Vendors to Better Secure, Manage, and Monetize Network Economy" - here.

Founding members of the NI Alliance [site - here] include:
  • Infrastructure suppliers for traffic capture and processing, namely, Continuous Computing, Napatech, NetLogic Microsystems, and Tilera
  • Qosmos, the leading supplier of Network Intelligence technology
  • Software vendors, namely, Click&DECiDE, Crossing-Tech, BreakingPoint Systems, and EdenWall Technologies, Rainstor, GfK Group
Brian Partridge, Vice President of Yankee Group's network research said. “We have been following the rise of network intelligence solutions and see their use growing in better securing, tracking and monetizing data across networks, devices, and users. Collaborative groups such as the NI Alliance will help to educate the market on this important area.”

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