Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Allot: 32% of MNOs Employ Application-Aware Charging Models

Allot's MobileTrends Report presents (in addition to wireless traffic statistics) the results of "a survey of more than fifty mobile networks around the world. The information gathered is publicly available on operators’ websites" regarding wireless charging models used by MNOs.

Main findings are:
  • 32% of mobile operators employ application-aware charging models (see - Telefonica/MovistarTeliaSonera, MetroPCS
  • 89% of mobile operators employ volume charging models (too many examples ..)
  • 51% of mobile operators sampled do not offer ‘unlimited’ or ‘flat rate’ pricing plans
See "Allot MobileTrends Report Shows Significant 77% Growth in Mobile Data Bandwidth Usage in H1, 2011" - here. The report is available here (registration required).

See also "Recent Trends in Policy Control" - here.

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