Friday, July 8, 2011

UK Culture Minister Vaizey:"ISPs have their role to play to help consumers find legitimate content"

Andrew Orlowski reports for The Register:  "Culture Minister Ed Vaizey (picture) shed some light on the murkier corners of the Digital Economy Act in a speech yesterday. He swung out at "music industry armchair critics" and BT, shed some light on industry web-blocking discussions, and gave an indication on what's to come".

See "Culture Minister Vaizey on Google, freetards and website-blocking" - here.

"ISPs have their role to play to help consumers find legitimate content. Most people do not infringe – they're looking for ways to find music. Most of those who do infringe can be made to stop, as long as they feel they are not losing out .. were spending millions on fighting the copyright wars, rather than innovating .. P2P file sharing is not the only threat. We set up the Working Group on site-blocking and it has done some promising work. What kicks off this huge conspiracy theory is that 'voluntary' is misleading. It's about working within the existing law to block sites that are serial infringers [here]. It's about trying to speed up the process to agree on the most notorious sites and have it fast-tracked"

"Vaizey hinted that the landscape would change as the US stepped up its campaign against piracy"

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