Sunday, July 17, 2011

ZTE's ZOOMs (DPI/PCRF) Solution Customer List

A year ago ZTE launched ZOOMs, a DPI/PCRF solution (covered here). The solution's web page has been updated recently, and now includes a list of ZTE customers deploying the ZOOMs:

"Till 2011Q2, ZOOMs has already been deployed in dozens of countries, including China Mobile, HongKong CSL [here], Indonesia PT Smart, Germany KPN E-PLUS, Montenegro Telenor, Portugal ZAPP, Malaysia DiGi, French OMT, etc.

See "ZOOMs: ZTE Optimized Operation and Management System" - here.

"ZOOMs solution includes the following 4 parts:
  • Intelligent Deep Packet Inspection Gateway xGW (inbuilt DPI)
  • Dynamic Policy and Charging Control (PCRF/SPR)
  • Intelligent User Behavior Analysis System (UBAS)
  • Mature Online/Offline Charging System (OCS/OFCS)
"Use dedicated DPI hardware index chip, to reduce performance degradation of GW system caused by DPI. GW performance degradation is less than 30% under DPI function. Use SPI, DPI, HPI and other packet inspection technologies. More than 300 types of protocols could be identified."

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