Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tesco[UK] Fair Use Policy - Pay More or be Terminated!

Tesco Broadband [UK] has a common traffic management policy for its fixed broadband service: "Tesco constantly monitors the way in which our customers use our broadband services. In particular, at peak times, we will look for (and restrict) non-time-critical traffic, such as Bit Torrent, other peer to peer file sharing applications and on-line storage services ,,  during the peak hours ..we may slow down specific services to make the shared usage of our network fair for all customers .. This policy ensures that we can deliver a great service to all our customers at all times and we never have to limit the customers who are using the internet for day to day time-critical transactions, such as normal surfing, e-mailing, on-line shopping and banking, using BBC/Sky iPlayer applications, gaming or making on-line phone calls via companies like Skype".

However, Tesco's fair use policy seems to be unique (here):

"We regularly monitor and review our customer’s collective and average monthly usage to set our fair usage limit (FUL) at a level that will not affect the majority (at least 95%) of our customers. Currently the FUL is set at 100GB per month.  If a customer regularly downloads in excess of the FUL, we take the following steps:

1. When we first notice that a customer has exceeded the FUL, we contact the customer to bring the matter to their attention. We will ask the customer to modify their use and/or give them the opportunity to move onto a ‘Super-user tariff’ (see our Price List for details). [I can’t find it there or elsewhere]

2. If the customer declines to move to the Super-user Tariff but continues to exceed the FUL for a further two consecutive months, we will suspend or terminate the customer’s service.

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