Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sandvine Reports 4 LTE Demos

Sandvine keeps the wireless market momentum. After showing growth in Q2 (here and here) on the wireless side, the vendor reports:

"Sandvine is working with four of its national mobile carrier customers on LTE initiatives, one in each major geographic region: North America, South America, Europe and Asia, to demonstrate its traffic monitoring/management, usage management and service creation capabilities within LTE architectures of interoperable multi-vendor components.  Given the increased bandwidth capabilities of LTE over 3G, operators are deploying flexible billing options and differentiated speed and quota based tiers to their subscribers"

".. The PTS supports stringent mobile requirements, such as high volumes of subscribers with dynamic IP traffic flows, ranging from 10Gbps to 480 Gbps throughput, and up to 270 million concurrent flows [see comment below].  It features market-leading signalling performance handling more than five times the rate of its competitors for new session rates, and for 3GPP standard Diameter signalling to policy provisioning (PCRF) and online and offline charging systems"

See "Global ISPs Embrace Sandvine LTE Solutions" - here.

Note that the larger performance numbers (480 Gbps, 270M flows) - refer to a cluster (6 units) deployment of Sandvine's top of the line product, the PTS 24000.

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