Sunday, July 10, 2011

Virgin Media CEO: "there was no need for net neutrality in the UK"

Richard Patterson reports to broadband expert:

"Neil Berkett (picture), the CEO of Virgin Media.. said that there was no need for net neutrality in the UK because the competition in the UK broadband market was healthy enough so that consumers were able to access a range of different services from a variety of providers"

"Because of [local loop unbundling] you have a dynamic marketplace .. whereas in the US there is rarely an overbuilt market .. As such, the average return from a triple-play customer [TV, broadband and phone] in the US is £70 to £80, but for us it’s £44".

"he agreed that measures were needed to stop protected content being made available illegally but that increasing awareness and educating was an important part in this .. Site blocking is a possible part of the solution" (see "UK Culture Minister Vaizey:"ISPs have their role to play to help consumers find legitimate content" - here).

See "Virgin boss speak out about net neutrality" - here.

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