Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Latin America ISPs: Get Ready for Netflix!

Netflix announced that "it will expand to 43 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean later this year, offering unlimited TV shows and movies streaming instantly over the Internet to TVs and computers for one low monthly subscription price".

See "Netflix to Launch Service in Latin America and the Caribbean for Streaming TV Shows and Movies Later This Year" - here.

Earlier this year, Netflix added Canada as its first international destination.

Recently, Sandvine reported recently that "In Canada, in the four months that followed the launch, Netflix grew to account for 13.5% of downstream traffic during the peak evening period" (see chart).

As Canada is going for Usage-based Billing service, Netflix said to its Canadian customers that "starting today, watching movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix will use 2/3 less data on average, with minimal impact to video quality .. Any member can adjust the settings anytime by visiting the Manage Video Quality page, found under Your Account" (here)

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