Thursday, July 14, 2011

T-Mobile UK FUP: No more video for you (after 500MB)

I wonder whether T-mobile UK is doing everything it can to avoid making additional revenues, or its network is so bad that it can't. Blog reader Daniel Meah commented on previous post that T-mobile UK has changed (again) its Fair Use Policy for mobile broadband.

In January T-Mobile advised subscribers "not watching videos or downloading files" and if you exceed the limit (1 to 10GB, depending on the price plan purchased) then "..between 4pm and midnight you won't be able to do other heavy usage activities such as watching videos or downloading files" (here)

Now, the FUP page (here) says - "Your price plan has a 500MB or 1GB allowance (depending on the plan you select) for streaming videos and uploading and downloading files. If you hit this limit during the month, you won't be able to do this stuff again until the next month".

They also say that you "Never pay more than your monthly fixed price" (so you can’t top-up your quota) and "you can't use your phone as a modem (tethering) or use internet on your phone for peer-to-peer file sharing or making internet phone calls" - all classic ways to increase revenues.

Conclusion - "For the best internet on your phone, connect to your home WiFi, so you won't even touch your 500MB allowance".

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