Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Telefonica/Movistar Leads CALA’s Trend of Pricing by Application

Daniele Tricarico (pictured) reports from Informa’s Mobile VAS CALA event in Miami about new pricing models in Latin America:

"..Pricing by app is already starting in CALA with Telefonica taking the lead. Colombia was the first market  where the Spanish group launched  the ”paquetes de internet”, a number of social media, mobile email and Internet packages that range in price according to the amount of services a subscriber wants access to. A speaker from Movistar Chile at the event confirmed that this is the trend – evolving from access per MB and per hour to access per application – and anticipated that the “paquetes” will be soon extended to the Andean country".

See "Price discrimination by app is a hot topic at Mobile VAS CALA"  - here.
Telefonica uses Sandvine's DPI solutions (see "Sandvine Exposes Telefonica/O2 Use Cases" - here mentioning that "Telefonica recently introduced a menu of tiered pricing plans that accommodate subscribers' personalized network usage patterns and budgets ).  

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