Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tekelec: Policy Management Business Cases (AT&T, Vodafone and Others)

A recent presentation by Tekelec shows the business case, with named examples (customers?), for using policy management:
  • QoS based tiers: Vodafone
  • Volume based tiers: AT&T - "If all subscribers moved to AT&T’s new tiered data plans, the company could have lost over $42 million per month. This was more than offset by the addition of 3.2 million new iPhone users in Q3 2010 when tiered services were introduced."
  • One customer, many devices: Rogers
  • Casual usage and loyalty program: - Claro, Telecom New Zealand, Vodafone Germany
  • OTT Monetization
See "Four Use Cases for Monetizing Mobile Broadband" - here.

See also "Tekelec: Policy Management Use-cases, Deployments and Performance" - here,

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