Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tellabs ASN Gateway DPI Features Overview (Encrypted P2P & Skype Supported)

A new application note from Tellabs provides information on the DPI and traffic management features of its ASN (WiMax) gateway - the Tellabs® SmartCore® 9100 Platform (formerly the WiChorus SmartCore platform).

"Tellabs SmartCore uses DPI to inspect user traffic into Layers 5-7. Tellabs SmartCore DPI analyzes the full packet, including the Layer 7 payload, and correlates information across multiple packets within a flow to identify the application [see table below]. The ability to analyze multiple packets in a user flow is what makes this solution “stateful”— it is aware of the user’s state".

"DPI serves a number of functions depending on the information required and what operators plan to do with it. As an ASN Gateway network element, the Tellabs SmartCore 9100 uses DPI to manage traffic. It also performs line rate policy action to user traffic flows. These policies can block or rate limit certain flows, re-direct certain flows, or other provide other operator-defined actions".

See "Tellabs SmartCore® 9100 Platform: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)" - here.

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