Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Optimization Deployments (78): Sercomtel [Brazil] Adds 50% Capacity with DiViNetworks

Sercomtel, operator of fixed and mobile telephony at northern Paraná State, Brazil, announced "the commercial deployment of DiViNetworks [here] IP traffic optimization solution – DiViLink [see chart below] – to its link between São Paulo and Londrina .. DiViNetworks' unique characteristics allow Sercomtel to increase bandwidth capacity by more than 50% at peak time, on top of its already implemented optimization solutions".

See "Sercomtel Brazil Chooses DiViNetworks’ Optimization Solution to Increase Bandwidth" - here.


  1. Is it their first customer? I don't see any other customer in their news section.

  2. Anonymous, DiViLink is operational for over 5 years, optimizing dozens of networks worldwide. As a matter of fact there are countries where the lions share of the international traffic passes through DiViNetworks' systems. Network operators are often reluctant to publicize the use of optimization systems. Stay tuned and you will here of some more deployment soon.

  3. See my "vendor review" post for an additional customer story.