Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DPI Deployments (77) CyberOne [Australia] Uses ContentKeeper to Block Illegal Web Sites

ZDNet reports that "CyberOne is believed to be the first in Australia to implement voluntary internet filtering against Interpol's "worst-of-the-worst" blacklist of child exploitation material. Filtering was turned on this morning for the ISP's  cable network. CyberOne's DSL and wireless customers are not yet filtered .. Implementing the Interpol blacklist .. Interpol blacklist operates at the domain level. If the police find any extreme child exploitation material hosted, the entire domain is added to the blacklist. ISP customers attempting to access a blacklisted domain are redirected to an Interpol-supplied block page hosted on ContentKeeper's servers."

See "Interpol blacklist goes live in Canberra" - here.

CyberOne founder Maciej Mikrut said "it took about 10 minutes to install the filtering using the ContentKeeper Web (CK-Web) appliance from ContentKeeper Technologies, Australia's largest provider of content-filtering technologies.

See also "Australia: Telstra, Optus and Primus Agree to Voluntarily Block Illegal Web Traffic" - here.

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