Friday, July 22, 2011

Vodafone: "Traffic management limiting data volume growth to +31%"

Vodafone released Q2 results (see "Interim Management Statement for the Quarter ended 30 June 2011" - here) showing growth in data revenues of 24.5%, to £1.5B. 
  • Germany: Mobile internet customer growth and smartphone sales driving data +21.4%
  • Italy: Data revenue +18.9%; led by mobile internet +66%
  • Spain: Data revenue growth slowed to +8.9%; mobile broadband price cuts offset strong smartphone sales
  • UK: Data revenue growth +21.9% led by smartphone sales and data attach 82%
  • India: Data growth remains strong, +70% led by mobile internet
  • Vodacom South Africa: Data revenue growth +35%2; data users +37% to 9.6m

At the group level, Vodafone says (here): "Maintaining network quality: Traffic management limiting data volume growth to +31%" (Vodafone uses Allot, Tekelec and others for traffic management; See "Vodafone Uses DPI and Policy Management to Improve QoE" - here).

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