Saturday, June 4, 2011

Resource: Diameter Routing Explained

In the recent months we saw the introduction of a new element in the PCRF/PCEF management architecture - the Diameter Router/Policy Exchange Controller.

Products were announced by Traffix Systems (here), Openet (here), Tekelec (here), IntelliNet Technologies' (here) and ACME Packet (here).

A white paper by the Yankee Group (commissioned by ACME Packet) provides an overview on this new element.

See "Policy Exchange Controllers: Enriching Diameter Signaling for LTE and IMS" - here (registration required).

"New Product Category: The Policy Exchange Controller

Yankee Group coined the term PEC to describe a new network element that has emerged on the market over the past year. Pioneered by IP border infrastructure specialist Acme Packet, the PEC facilitates policy exchange in all-IP networks. As a routing hub for all Diameter messages, PECs alleviate the signaling, security and reach challenges inherent in IP networks while reducing the mesh of Diameter connections that hamper network scalability and management. The PEC also provides critical security, interoperability, routing and reporting functions for Diameter signaling. These functions lower costs, streamline networks and assure resilience for LTE and IMS networks"

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