Friday, June 24, 2011

Diameter Router Win - Traffix Systems Selected by North American Tier-1 Carrier

The Diameter routing business seems to take off, just few months after the first product announcements, led by North American mobile operators.

Few days after Tekelec (here), Traffic Systems (covered here) announced the ".. selection of the Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC) Router solution by a North American tier one carrier, following extensive performance testing proving the technological superiority over other solutions. Most significantly, the Traffix SDC handles up to 1 million Diameter messages per second (MPS) in a single chassis"

A company executive told me that " The scenario implemented by the operator with our Diameter router is central routing of LTE network signaling between all HSS and PCRF’s; Tekelec was our main competition"

According to the Israeli news site Globes, the deal worth $5M (here, Hebrew), and Traffix' customer base includes Verizon, Qwest, Orange, Vodafone and other operators.

See "North American Tier One Carrier Selects Traffix Diameter Router Solution for LTE Network Deployment" - here.


  1. Any idea who this is for?

  2. Reliable sources tell me it is Bell Mobility [Canada]

  3. Thanks Azi - terrific blog