Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Openet Launches Dynamic Context Router

Openet announced " ..Openet Dynamic Context Router (DCR), a high performance, context-sensitive appliance. Openet’s Dynamic Context Router relieves policy, charging, profile and similar network elements of routing, traffic management and load balancing tasks.  By relieving the “mesh” of communication between these elements, Dynamic Context Router simplifies network traffic management and reduces costs to wireless operators as they evolve their networks".

See "Openet Launches Dynamic Context Router to Simplify Network Traffic Management" - here and "The Skinny on Dynamic Resource Allocation" blog post here.

I asked the company how their product is different from the offering of other vendors - such as Traffix Systems (here) and Tekelec (here).

Andrea Kavanagh, Openet's Marketing Communications Director, explained that "the Openet Dynamic Context Router doesn’t just route on static information when performing diameter routing. DCR is a high-performance stand-alone router that intelligently routes network traffic, using both static and dynamic context based routing rules. It is designed with a thorough understanding of the requirements of 3GPP diameter applications, and the resultant signaling burdens that come with the introduction of multiples of such applications".

Earlier this week, Traffix Systems announced "..the establishment of its LTE Diameter Interoperability (IOT) lab and calls for vendors and service providers to participate in testing their products for Diameter conformance standards and for interoperability with specific service provider network requirements" - see "Traffix Opens an LTE Diameter Interoperability Lab and Calls for Participants Promoting a Vibrant LTE Ecosystem, Traffix Welcomes Vendors and Service Providers to Take Advantage of Remote Testing Facilities in First Full Diameter Lab" - here.

Good initiative to the growing number of players in this space (PCRFs, PCEFs and Diameter routers).

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