Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How does/will Verizon Wireless Use Tekelec's Diameter Router?

A short video, presented by Susan Hackman, Senior Product Manager, Tekelec lists the uses cases Verizon Wireless has selected to use with Tekelec's Diameter Signaling Router (here), for their 3G and LTE networks:
  1. LTE roaming, which allows LTE subscribers to roam to a partner LTE network with "consistent customer experience"
  2. Load balancing and security for charging traffic, both in LTE and 3G.
See also "Tekelec - Use Cases for Diameter Signaling Router" - here.


  1. A very nice video indeed Its really worth watching. I too think that Load balancing and security are very major key points that need a lot of attention.

  2. Okay ... I guess the next stop is the Tekelec website for their training info! Thanks.

    Coming from cellular cellular I'm more used to hearing the terms "HLR" (Home Location Register) and VLR (Visitor ...) than customer database, but this being a data-centric rather than 'caller' centric network necessitates changes in architecture and terminology.