Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tekelec - Use Cases for Diameter Signaling Router

A recent document (here) from Tekelec provides 3 use-cases for the use of Diameter Signaling Router (AKA Policy exchange controller)

The 3 use-cases are:
  • Offline Charging Proxy - The router acts as an offline charging proxy to handle message
    routing between the GGSNs or SGs and the OFCSs
  • OCS Load Balancing - The DSR creates a centralized Diameter routing node, simplifying the point-to-point mesh
  • Policy Server Load Distribution and Session Binding - When the DSR receives an initial session request from a user device, it assigns the device to an available policy server based on one of several load distribution algorithms. The DSR then “binds” the device to the chosen policy server and stores this information in a dynamic session binding repository (SBR) database. Subsequent updates related to that session and any subsequent sessions initiated by the same device are sent to the same policy se
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