Tuesday, October 2, 2012

After 2 Years, Court Denied Amdoc's Suit Against Openet

It seems that Openet's CEO was right saying "We're not intimidated" (here) by the lawsuit filed by Amdocs more than two years ago (see "Amdocs Suing Openet for Patent Infringement" - here).
However, it did take a little longer than "between three and 12 months to sort out".
Openet announced that "a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, has granted summary judgment for Openet in a lawsuit filed by Amdocs Limited. The court found that Openet software does not infringe Amdoc’s patents .. After extensive discovery of documents and deposition testimony of witnesses, Judge Leonie Brinkema [pictured] of the Eastern District of Virginia denied Amdocs’ claim. Her September 27, 2012 ruling found that none of Openet’s products infringed the four patents in question
See "Openet Wins Summary Judgment in Patent Infringement Suit" - here.

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