Thursday, October 25, 2012

F5 - Moving Ahead with DPI (already in Beta)

Some references to F5's DPI strategy were made during the recent analysts call (revenues - 362.6M - here), by John McAdam, President and CEO and Karl Triebes, EVP, Product Development and CTO (pictured).

This follows previous announcements on the company intentions to enter the DPI market in 2013 - See "F5 CEO Confirms DPI Plans; Happy with Traffix" - here and "F5 Service Provider/Mobile Road Map: Focus on DPI" - here.

"ADF [application delivery firewall] provides performance metrics clearly superior to those offered by our competitors. We will also be delivering the industry's broadest range of Hyper-V support of world-class performance levels. For the service provider market, we will be delivering additional carrier grade NAT functionality and a new software module, as well as a policy enforcement module with DPI classification technology".

"I feel personally very strongly that the product refresh that the DPI functionality that what we're doing with the ADF"

Q: "And have you had any betas yet for the new DPI technology?" - A:"Yeah, we've been in beta for some time with all major features that are coming out…"

"We also think by virtue of having that diameter footprint in data center, it really helps enable us with our DPI solution because that requires a tie-in directly to the diameter interface".

See "F5 Networks, Inc.'s CEO Discusses Q4 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript" - here.

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