Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NI Deployments [183]: Yota [Russia] Uses HP Analytics

HP announced that Yota ".. has boosted business efficiency with HP Vertica [see "NI Announcements: HP Adds Vertica Analytics Platform" - here.. Yota’s growth rate, and the transfer to 4G LTE, meant that the company needed a unified data warehouse to enable the processing and analysis of “big data” in real time. HP Vertica enables Yota to monetize its data faster. Currently, Yota’s data volume is 3TB, and every 24 hours another 20GB is added. Parallel upload ensures that data is uploaded up to 100 times faster than before, while the speed of report creation and random access is, on average, 10 times faster compared with the previous data warehouse .. Call data records (CDRs), which used to be uploaded once a day in a process taking several hours, are now uploaded every 5 minutes"

Igor Torgov (pictired), General Manager, Yota, said: “Average data traffic per Yota customer exceeds 10GB per month .. HP Vertica’s massively parallel, column-oriented analytic database enables Yota to steadily increase the size of our data warehouse while maintaining maximum performance”.

See "HP Boosts Business Efficiency for Russia’s Yota" - here.

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