Sunday, October 21, 2012

Study: LTE isn't the Performance Savior for Mobile Commerce Sites

A recent study by Strangeloop Networks reveals that "a typical ecommerce site takes 11+ seconds to load, one-third of site owners don’t have a mobile-specific site, and LTE isn’t the performance saviour it’s been touted as"

"This past summer Strangeloop Networks .. measured the performance of top ecommerce sites – both m.sites and full sites – as these sites load on newer and older Android and iOS phones and tablets .. over both 3G and LTE networks".

Main findings are:
  • Desktop vs smartphone performance - The median page (full site, not took 11+ seconds to load for both the Galaxy S and iPhone 4 over 3G
  • LTE was 27% faster than 3G - the average load time for pages on 3G was 11.7 seconds, compared to 8.5 seconds for LTE 
  • One in three don’t have a mobile-specific site
  • 32% of owners don’t let visitors go to the full site

See "Your mobile site is slower than you think" - here; the report is available here (registration required).

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