Sunday, October 28, 2012

Singapore: Who is Using Data Throttling? (Answer: Everybody)

Sidney Wong covers in an article for Singapore Hardware Zone the different methods operators are using to handle ".. tremendous surge in data traffic that is exerting a lot of pressure on telcos to maintain a decent user experience on their mobile networks".

For data throttling - "We reached out to the three telcos in Singapore on their takes on data throttling, and you will be very surprised by what we've found out. As you might know, IDA works with the various service providers to provide a reasonable level of service quality to consumers. The authority is aware that service providers may need to manage their networks some way or the other in order to optimize the quality of their services to subscribers in general. You can find out more about IDA's stand on this here".

  • StarHub - "To prevent service deterioration and to enhance the end-user experience for all, StarHub implements network management techniques to ensure that no application or user should dominate finite network resources, especially during peak surfing hours (6pm to 2am on weekdays and 11am to 2am on weekends)," said Mr. Mock Pak Lum, StarHub's Chief Technology Officer [pictured]".

    See "StarHub Selected Neuralitic for Usage Profiling and Monetization" - here and "PCRF: Starhub [Singapore] Selected NSN" - here.
  • M1 - "We do conduct traffic management of peer-to-peer protocol during peak hours, to maintain service quality to all users. M1’s network management ensures fair and consistent traffic utilization across our customer base and applications," said Petrina Teoh, Senior Manager for Corporate Communications.
  • SingTel - "SingTel optimises the quality of its mobile broadband services with its fair-use policy which aims to ensure a smooth and consistent experience for all customers. When customers have exceeded the $94 data cap, their mobile line will be limited to a speed of 64Kbps until the end of the monthly bill cycle. To reach the $94 cap, customers would have to consume 18GB of data usage on top of their bundled allowance for the month," said Dylan Tan, Senior Corporate Communications Manager.

    See "Singtel: 10% of Subscribers Consume 64% of Data; Implements Tiered Services" - here.
See "Telcos' Strategies to Manage Mobile Data Traffic Flow" - here.

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