Saturday, October 13, 2012

[Rumors]: Orange France to Use DPI for Differentiated Services

While Bouygues Telecom is sending false invoices (see "Phone company to woman: You owe us $15 quadrillion" - here), Orange France is rumored to take a different approach to increase revenues.

French web sites, based on discovery by La Lettre A, report that Orange (France Telecom) is preparing to launch application-based differentiated service plans for its DSL service.

They speculate that Orange will offer cheaper plans for simple web browsing and a more expensive one for application such as Youtube and Skype (i.e. OTT competitive services). For that, they say, Orange will need to deploy DPI. 

Orange spokesperson denied any intention, in the shorter or longer term, to offer differentiated services using DPI.

See "FT dans le deep packet inspection" - here and "Fin de l’Internet illimité : ça se précise chez Orange, qui dément" - here.

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