Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Riverbed OEMs Vineyard's DPI Engine

Vineyard Networks announced that Riverbed Technology ".. has licensed Vineyard’s Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL) deep packet inspection (DPI) engine, designed to provide Riverbed® customers with comprehensive application classification technology to protect critical applications while containing recreational applications"

According to Vineyard, its DPI software is part of the recent enhancements to Riverbed's Steelhead (RiOS release 8.0) and the enhanced Layer 4-7 app classification capabilities in it. Riverbed now claims the ".. ability to scale automatic identification and prioritization to more than 600 applications" (see "Riverbed Introduces Software Enhancements and New High Performance Hardware Models to Steelhead Product Family" - here)

Vineyard partners' page (here) shows additional vendors as "powered by Vineyard" including BlueCoat.

"Integrating NAVL with market-leading Riverbed wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions increases the accuracy and efficiency of the real-time network traffic classification. The licensed technology helps identify all types of applications, even hard to detect applications and custom applications, to protect critical applications like web, voice, and video and contain recreational application traffic".

See "Vineyard Networks Announces Strategic Relationship with Riverbed to Provide Powerful Layer-7 Application Identification Technology" - here.

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