Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GreenPacket Adds QoS Features to its Wi-Fi Management Products

Greenpacket announced it is ".. injecting Wi-Fi QoS features in its portfolio of Carrier Wi-Fi Experience Management and Mobile Data Offload solutions. The objectives of Wi-Fi QoS are multiple; it improves the ability of devices to discover Wi-Fi networks, provides an effective means to mobile operators to prioritize and select the right Wi-Fi access point for attachment and in turn offers the best of Wi-Fi experience to subscribers".

"The Wi-Fi QoS feature works as a client-based checker that aggregates, measures and monitors the subscriber device and Wi-Fi network status in assisting to switch between 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. To provide carrier-grade service, a robust QoS implementation is necessary to gain visibility of the Wi-Fi link to avoid latency and jitter which can affect service quality".

See "Greenpacket redefines Wi-Fi experience with QoS abilities" - here.

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