Friday, October 19, 2012

NI Announcements: Citrix Adds "User Experience Index"

Citrix (Bytemobile) released " .. new product enhancements to the company’s mobile data traffic management platform for the telecommunications market .. The new Citrix ByteMobile UXI (user experience index) technology uses advanced mobile analytics capabilities"

The new UXI technology highlights include:
  • Continuous measurement of changes in network performance and resulting user experience
  • Insight into the quality of the subscriber’s user experience – including speed of web page downloads, amount of video stalling and how often users are abandoning video
  • Analysis of mobile data usage patterns and how they impact the network
  • Benchmarking of mobile data service quality across geographies without the need for specialized equipment or projects
  • Automatic feedback loop between user experience and traffic management policies
The Citrix Marketing team shared with me some screenshots from the new product:

See "Citrix ByteMobile Enhances Mobile Analytics for Network Operators" - here.

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