Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Ovum]: Operators Need to Collaborate with Handset Manufacturers to Compete in Messaging

While CTIA reports that SMS is still growing (at a modest rate of 3% - here), a new report by Neha Dharia [pictured], consumer telecoms analyst, Ovum forecasts that ".. by 2016 operators will have lost $54bn in SMS revenues due to the increasing popularity of social messaging services on smartphones, more than double the $23bn they are expected to have lost by the end of 2012. The global technology analysts believe that collaboration with handset manufacturers is imperative if operators are to remain relevant and competitive in the messaging industry".

"Social messaging is becoming more pervasive, and operators are coming under increased pressure to drive revenues from the messaging component of their communications businesses .. Operators need to understand the impact of social messaging apps on consumer behaviour, both in terms of changing communication patterns and the impact on SMS revenues, and offer services to suit

See "Ovum figures indicate that operators will lose $54bn by 2016 due to smartphone messaging apps" - here.

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