Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Infonetics]: How do BT, PT and Telus Use Edge Routers?

A new white paper by Michael Howard (pictured), co-founder and principal analyst for carrier networks, Infonetics Research "..examines how the latest advances in edge routing technology are helping carriers meet the demands of growing video traffic, surging mobile backhaul traffic, and cloud services at the IP edge".

The paper shows how large carriers use IP edge routers:
  • TELUS, Portugal Telecom, and Belgacom reduced opex by leveraging a common IP platform to deliver a combination of residential, business, and mobile services
  • British Telecom and Portugal Telecom solved the video onslaught with caching/content delivery networks (CDNs), delivery of high quality unicast video, and per-flow QoS
  • Portugal Telecom added multiscreen and network intelligence for applications
  • Portugal Telecom and Belgacom provide high performance, secure, flexible L2/L3 VPNs, and use them for access to cloud services
  • Operators now have the tools to increase revenue with CDN services, a broadband “turbo” button, and new service bundles that are impossible with separate service networks

See "IP edge routers helping carriers overcome triple challenge of video, mobility, cloud" - here (press release) and white paper (here).

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