Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ericsson Adds Differentiated and Personalized Services Features to the SSR 8000

Ericsson enhanced its Smart Services Router (see "Ericsson: "The IP application router SSR 8020 is now in commercial operation" - here) with Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), adding  functions that enable "..differentiated and personalized services while supporting the rise in subscriptions and growing bandwidth usage that comes with increased connectivity ..This new gateway derives its software technology foundation from Ericsson's Broadband Remote Access Service (BRAS)"

"Ericsson BNG on SSR 8000 offers a wide range of interfaces and enables advanced services optimized for superior user experience and new service offerings. It efficiently supports 100-gigabit performance, supporting monetization of demanding cloud and high-definition video streaming services"

See "Ericsson introduces new broadband network gateway for connected homes" - here.


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