Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Light Reading] Openet's 2011 Revenues - $120M

Interesting information provided by Openet's to Ray Le Maistre, Light Reading following their recent win against Amdocs (see "After 2 Years, Court Denied Amdoc's Suit Against Openet" - here).

Niall Norton (pictured) told Ray that "I'm glad to be out the other side. On a personal level this is a great result .. this is going to make things a lot easier .. [the] company, which now employs about 1,000 staff, has been growing at about 30 percent each year and its revenues hit €92 million (US$119 million) in 2011 .. We expect to see that growth rate continue, possibly even accelerate, especially now that 3G is being monetized and 4G is coming in, with cloud services, Wi-Fi integration. ... This all broadens our addressable market .. We're looking at how we might integrate other technologies with our portfolio".

See also "Openet Expects Revenues of €75M in 2010 ; Getting Ready for IPO" - here.

See more "Openet: The Legal Brakes Are Off" - here.

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