Sunday, October 7, 2012

WildPackets Enhances Analysis Platform with 40GE Support

WildPackets announced the "..Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.0 with 40G support .. The Omni Distributed Analysis Platform covers all network analysis functions, from overall, distributed network monitoring and reporting to detailed troubleshooting based on network forensics and deep packet inspection. In addition to the 40G network analysis support, the latest Omni Distributed Analysis Platform release includes the ability to trace network performance across multiple network hops, correlate detailed analytical results with the Compass dashboard, and gain easy access to network data from end users for complete analysis of the end-user experience to more efficiently understand problems on today’s highly distributed, cloud-based architectures"

VoIP Monitoring

See "WildPackets Announces 40G Support with Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.0" - here.


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