Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sandvine: Already $10M Orders from Asian Tier-1

Sandvine announced that it has "..received over $5 million in Network Policy Control expansion orders for a tier-1 customer in its Asia Pacific sales region. Sandvine has now received over $10 million in orders for this customer since August of this year [here]".

Rumors are that one of Sandvine's Asian customers is Korea Telecom

"The new orders represent ongoing expansion of Sandvine’s deployment, related in part to the Company’s proven support for identifying and applying policy on IPv6 traffic, and Sandvine’s Service Creation capabilities, which fit the operator’s vision for future service differentiation. The orders included units of Sandvine’s high-throughput, high-density Policy Traffic Switch 24000 to be deployed in the service provider’s network".

See "Sandvine Secures Additional Business in Asia" - here.

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