Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tekelec: Policy Management Use-cases, Deployments and Performance

Yet another use-case handbook, this time from Tekelec, focusing of course on the policy management side of the solution (vs. Allot's "Monetize and Optimize Broadband Services" - here - focusing on the DPI gear).

6 use-cases are presented (here) of which 3 were also presented by Allot (fair use, OTT QoS/Tiering, bill shock/roaming), showing probably the popularity of these cases. The other 3 are:
  • IMS VoLTE Call Control (see also here)
  • Location/Roaming
  • Dynamic RAN-Aware Policy Management (see chart) 
Joanne Steinberg (picture), director of strategic marketing for Tekelec, provides additional insight into the use-cases: "many of them are being deployed by our policy customers including:
  • Various flavors of tiered services are being deployed by our customers in Europe and the Americas
  • Casual usage including bandwidth boosts and day passes are also being deployed in Europe and the Americas
  • We are in customer lab trials for QoS for over-the-top applications such as Voice over IP in North America"
In a press release issued on Wednesday Tekelec says that its "Policy Server capacity yielding up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) per blade and up to 100,000 TPS per system .. Policy Server processing power of up to 60 million concurrent sessions per system .. Policy Server customer base spans 47 service providers, including 34 tier ones, in 28 countries. First deployments of the latest release start this month with nine tier one customers" (see "Tekelec Raises the Performance Bar for Policy, SDM and Diameter Routing in 3G and LTE Networks" - here).

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