Thursday, May 31, 2012

DPI Deployments [151]: 3UK Identifies and Controls File Sharing, Tethering and High Data Use

While 3 UK mobile data plans are "all you can eat" plans, the UK operator decided that some restrictions should apply. 3's network is "designed for data" but "it’s a fact that no mobile operator has an unlimited amount of network capacity, so while we’ll continue to invest, we also have a responsibility to make sure the network we already have is used wisely".

3 UK launched recently a new management tool, TrafficSense, which "..looks at types of data traffic and behaviour that stop other users from enjoying a fair allocation of our network. TrafficSense™ will only manage a very small percentage of users on our network – and the vast majority will actually benefit from higher speeds and a better internet experience".

TrafficSense identifies "File sharing, Tethering and High data use". See " About TrafficSense" - here.
File Sharing includes "peer-to-peer download services like BitTorrent or Napster [see "Napster, the Service that Started DPI, is Gone" -here] and downloading and sharing files using certain sites specifically set up to share files". See more below. 

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