Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Telefonica to Monetize on its Mobile Analytics Data

Telefonica Digital announced  ".. the establishment of Telefónica Dynamic Insights, a new global business unit, dedicated to identifying and unlocking the potential opportunities for creating value from ‘big data' .. The first product, ‘Smart Steps’, will use fully anonymised and aggregated mobile network data to enable companies and public sector organisations to measure, compare, and understand what factors influence the number of people visiting a location at any time" 

"To expand its capability and extend its market reach, Telefónica has also entered into a global strategic partnership with GfK .. in addition to retail footfall measurement, Telefónica Dynamic Insights is also developing analytics products to help companies in a wide range of different industries. Initial product focus areas include fraud protection, and ‘Smart City’ technology, including traffic management"

Telefonica uses Sandvine's DPI solutions (here).

See "Telefónica launches Telefónica Dynamic Insights - a new global big data business unit
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