Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AT&T Mobility CMO - "Google Talk and other OTT should be Worried"

Sue Marek (pictured), interviewed David Christopher, CMO, AT&T Mobility, to FierceDeveloper.

Among other issues, David was asked about AT&T's recent Call Management API - "allowing developers to use the subscriber AT&T mobile number for communication services, and whether OTT providers should be worried about this".

David: "The core difference is that no one wants another phone number. GoogleTalk and all the OTT players make you get another number, and no one wants that. This is a no-brainer for carriers to do this, and we are first to announce it ..Yes [OTT should be worried] Or the OTT provider could look at this more from the developer view and figure out how to put this core mobile number into their social media  app. It will allow more innovation for developers and keep the mobile number as the center of relevance--which is very strategic for us. he mobile number is like your social security number--you have it for life. And for it to be able to be used in all facets [of life] is important. So if I'm an OTT provider, I'm going to be worried about this.

See "AT&T's Christopher gets real on HTML5, plans to take on OTT players" - here.

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