Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cisco to Acquire SON Vendor Intucell; $475M

The local press here reports that Cisco is going to acquire Israeli-based Intucell for $475M.

I covered Intucell's $55M deal with AT&T a year ago (here).

Intucell claims that it ".. delivers the world’s most advanced Self Optimizing Network (SON) solution. In fact, it’s the only real SON solution. With real time network visibility provided by the groundbreaking Virtual Drive Test, Intucell’s systems automatically tune the network to actual conditions as they develop and change. They perform thousands of micro adjustments, dynamically adapting to demand – instead of jumping from one static working point to another. The result: users’ quality of experience improves, bandwidth-hungry services such as video streaming run more smoothly, effective network capacity is expanded".

Story by Asaf Gilad, Calcalist here (Hebrew).

---UPDATE -- formal announcement by Cisco - "Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Intucell" - here

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