Sunday, January 20, 2013

HGI Defines IPv6 QoS Standard for Home Gateway; Considers OTT

HGI published an "updated specification for improving Quality of Service (QoS) through the Home Gateway. 'Home Gateway QoS Module Requirements' (here, below) addresses the current evolution of the  home network to an IPv6 environment, and identifies the Home Gateway requirements needed to extend the HGI service-class oriented QoS approach to include IPv6 .. The document is applicable to IPv4 and IPv6 networks on both the WAN and LAN sides of the Home Gateway". 

"The strategy of using the Home Gateway as a key QoS enforcement point allows the service provider to designate service classes and their treatment based on a rich set of classification criteria, including the IPv4 and IPv6 headers. It takes a real-world approach that considers the actual QoS problems in various broadband scenarios, considering not just value-added services but also OTT services [page 13], and other traffic types".

See "HGI Sets the Standard with new QoS Document for the Home Gateway" - here.

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