Friday, January 18, 2013

Orange France Forced Google to Pay!

I had a number of posts about the French government and ISPs and their conflict with Google - all this in view of Net Neutrality.

The latest one just few days ago "France Vs. Google (Weapon: bandwidth management)" - here and an older one "Google and Foreign OTTs to Pay for Networks Usage", here.

Among other things, it was said that "The French operator France Telecom-Orange (FT-Orange) is reportedly restricting bandwidth for online video services such as YouTube as part of a peering dispute with Google and its internet backbone provider Cogent Communications" (TeleGeography  here).

It seems that the French won this bandwidth war. The French press agency (AFP) reports that "The head of French telecoms operator Orange said on Wednesday it had been able to impose a deal on Google to compensate it for the vast amounts of traffic sent across its networks .. Orange CEO Stephane Richard (pictured) declined to cite the figure Google had paid Orange, but said the situation showed the importance of reaching a critical size in business. Richard put Google traffic over Orange's Internet networks at around 50 percent

See "Orange 'forces Google' to pay for mobile traffic" - here.


  1. So they should pay! I wonder if they did actually pay up? Usually they can wriggle their way out.

  2. Google is a magician when it comes to not paying bills.. they will do anything to escape paying them :)