Wednesday, January 9, 2013

France Vs. Google (Weapon: bandwidth management)

Slovenia, Chile, the Netherlands - and even the US already have Net Neutrality laws, but French ISPs are busy fighting with content providers (i.e. Google) - trying to push the American giant to pay for traffic delivery.

Two years ago the French Government said that "Google and Foreign OTTs to Pay for Networks Usage" (here) but since then the French regulator, ARCEP, called for the "elimination of service blocking (VoIP, P2P) on mobile networks" (here). French ISPs are not impressed.
  • TeleGeography reports (here) that "The French operator France Telecom-Orange (FT-Orange) is reportedly restricting bandwidth for online video services such as YouTube as part of a peering dispute with Google and its internet backbone provider Cogent Communications. According to a report from Fierce Wireless, FT-Orange wants Cogent to pay for the additional traffic being generated by streaming video services, and its decision to charge for access has been backed up by the French competition watchdog Autorite de la Concurrence.

    Meanwhile, technology minister Fleur Pellerin (pictured) has commented: ‘We need to ask serious questions about how Web companies can put some money into networks,’ Bloomberg reports
  • The French ISP Free announced (here) it will block ads for their home gateway users (by default!). This time the French Government demanded that Free wont do that - see "France Rejects Plan by Internet Provider to Block Online Ads"(here), and Free gave-up. 

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