Sunday, January 27, 2013

EU: Net Neutrality is about Transparency; Favor of Parental Control

Neelie KROES (pictured), VP of the European Commission, is a long time supporter of Net Neutrality (see "EU: 'It's not OK for Skype and other such services to be throttled'" - here).

In a recent post to her blog, she clarifies her position, and positions it around transparency, while allowing application-based tiered services:
"My general starting principle is that consumers should be free to make real choices about their internet subscription and online activity .. the public interest does not, in my view, preclude consumers from subscribing to more differentiated, limited internet offers, possibly for a lower price .. transparency and effective consumer control will nearly always be part of the solution"
".. On net neutrality, consumers need effective choice on the type of internet subscription they sign up to. That means real clarity, in non-technical language. About effective speeds in normal conditions, and about any restrictions imposed on traffic – and a realistic option to switch to a “full” service, without such restrictions, offered by their own provider or another. Ensuring consumer choice can mean constraints on others – in this case, an obligation for all internet service providers to offer an accessible “full” option to their customers. But such choice should also drive innovation and investment by internet providers, with benefits for all. I am preparing a Commission initiative to secure this effective consumer choice in Europe"
Ms Kroes also supports parental control service by ISPs - "Is there a public interest in parents having effective tools to control the material their young children can access online? Most would say yes, and the EU shares this view"

See "Internet and filtering applications: a tale of choice and revenues" - here.

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